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Mr Squiggle is at the Mint!

To coincide with the recently released 2019 Mr Squiggle 60th anniversary coin set, the Royal Australian Mint is hosting an exhibition to commemorate Mr Squiggle and his creator, Norman Hetherington.
The exhibition will include the original Mr Squiggle puppets along with other items that will take you on a journey through the unforgettable era when Mr Squiggle aired on Australian television.
Mr Squiggle the Man from the Moon: Celebrating 60 years of Mr Squiggle and his creator Norman Hetherington will be on show at the Royal Australian Mint from 28 February to 28 July 2019

Entry is free and opening hours can be found on the Mint website 


Treasures of the National Coin Collection

Ongoing Exhibition
Royal Australian Mint
Entry is FREE

See some of the most treasured coins from the National Coin Collection on display in our Treasures of the National Coin Collection exhibition. Coins have long been associated with precious treasure but some coins are more precious than most. A coin can be treasured for its rarity, value, beauty or craftsmanship. Even a coin with an unusual error can become especially valuable to collectors. With a 1930 penny, 1 kilogram gold coin and the famous “kookaburra” pennies, the coins in this exhibition are among the rarest, most valuable and most extraordinary coins in Australia.