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Mini-Minties is here to stay! 

Because our Mini-Minties cannot come to the Mint this month, we are bringing the program to you at home!

We will be looking at what Australian animals appear on our coins. There will be story-time, some virtual exploring and craft!

Date: Friday, 1 October 2021
Time: 10.00am-10.30am
Cost: The session is free of charge but registrations are essential and spaces limited.
Details: The class will be run via Zoom. Please ensure that you indicate your best email contact when you are registering your ticket, as an email with instructions, the link, and passcode for the session will be sent the day before the program.

The email will also include a PDF of three animal masks for your child to choose from. Please print one of them off and cut it out in advance of the session if you can (it may also be useful to print it onto some thin card if you have it). If you don’t have access to a printer, do not worry – just get your child to bring along some paper or card to draw on!

What to bring: Your chosen mask or paper, colouring-in items (pencils, textas, crayons), paddle-pop stick or string, sticky-tape and anything else you would like to decorate your mask with!

Please click here to register. 





A Century of Air Power 

On display until October 2021
Royal Australian Mint

Entry: Free

Coinciding with the Royal Australian Air Force Centenary and the Mint’s release of the 2021 50c Coloured Coin Commemorative Set, this display shares objects that showcase some of the stories and traditions to emerge from the Air Force, honouring those that have and continue to serve.

Treasures of the National Coin Collection

Ongoing Exhibition
Royal Australian Mint

Entry: Free

See some of the most treasured coins from the National Coin Collection on display in our Treasures of the National Coin Collection exhibition. Coins have long been associated with precious treasure but some coins are more precious than most. A coin can be treasured for its rarity, value, beauty or craftsmanship. Even a coin with an unusual error can become especially valuable to collectors. With a 1930 penny, 1 kilogram gold coin and the famous “kookaburra” pennies, the coins in this exhibition are among the rarest, most valuable and most extraordinary coins in Australia.