Limited Mintage Sales Policy

Limited Mintage – The maximum quantity of a numismatic coin that will be produced.

The Royal Australian Mint (the Mint) produces legal tender numismatic products that commemorate and honour historic events, incredible individual achievements, and themes celebrating important Australian milestones.  Some of these products are produced in low and limited mintages.

Limited mintage numismatic coins are produced in various metal types, which may include gold, silver or base metal. These coins are produced to varying finishes, which may include: proof, frosted, uncirculated, coloured and/or plated finishes.

  • Mintages are based on the following considerations: theme and subject, information collected by coin collector focus groups, the metal used, the production process required to fulfil the finish standard, licencing restrictions and market conditions.
  • We allocate quantities of each product to the following Sales Channels: coin dealers/distributors, the Mint retail shop, eShop, contact centre, mail orders, road shows and external events.
  • We reserve the right to refuse to supply to any individual or company, whose purchase exceeds the maximum quantities of individual products that can be purchased by any individual or company (whether per individual or cumulative) as stated by the Mint.
  • We reserve the right to reduce or cancel any order found to be in breach of this policy, for more information please review our Terms and Conditions here
  • Limits can be applied to online, phone, retail and mail order sales – through the use of a customer number, email address or contact details.
  • We reserve the right to declare a limited mintage product as ‘Sold Out’ if allocations throughout the various Mint sales channels have been exhausted.