Diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion at the Royal Australian Mint

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is by building and valuing a workplace culture that is supportive, respectful and reflective of the Australian community.

We endeavour to create a work environment that is inclusive and supportive of the diversity of our people, such as neurodiversity, differences in cultural backgrounds, disability, age, gender identity or sexual orientation.

At the Mint, our workforce is a vital part of our success. We are working towards creating a workforce that is diverse, respectful and empowering. Our workforce is made up of people from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. We encourage our diverse workforce to utilise their unique qualities, skills, ideas and perspectives to help us promote innovation, performance and productivity.

Established through our 2023 Workforce Plan, we are dedicated to ensuring that our staff are able to realise their full potential. By treating people as a priority, investing in our staff, developing capability and talent development and taking an approach to continuously review and improve our workforce practices, we seek to make diversity and inclusion central to our work.

The Mint’s key strategies to support an inclusive work environment, includes a focus on:

  • Acknowledging the right to self-determination of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, including their traditional connection to land and sea;
  • Fostering a workforce that values the contributions of our culturally and linguistically diverse staff;
  • Promoting the key Australian Public Service Values in all that we do; and
  • Ensuring that our managers and other staff contribute to furthering a work environment that is inclusive and embraces the diversity of other people.

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion operates in the context of the legislative framework for the Australian Public Service and the Mint’s Corporate Plan which expresses our ongoing commitment to the APS Employment Principles of diversity and a workplace free from discrimination under section 18 of the Public Service Act 1999 (Cth).