Classroom Resources

These activity sheets and resources can be used individually, together, or as part of the prepared lessons.

Some of the sheets have extra classroom lesson ideas.

Australian coins

Learn the basics of Australian coins and denominations.

A visit to the Royal Australian Mint

See where Australia's coins are made and how they end up in your pocket.

Coin cards

Make coin cards to play games with!

Coin mobile

Make hanging coin mobiles.

Coin relay

Get students running with a coin relay.

Coin rubbings

Learn what coins look like through art.

Coins from other places

Learn the differences of coins from around the world.

Coin values

Recognise Australian coin denominations.

Dollars and cents ($ and c)

Make sense of dollars and cents.

Echidna mask / Kangaroo mask / Platypus mask

Create a mask of the Australian animals on our coins.

Heads or tails?

Learn the difference between the two sides of Australian coins.

How much do I have?

Learn how to write dollars and cents.

KWL chart 

Check what you know, want to know, and already know about Australian coins!

Look, cover, draw, check

Practise drawing Australian coins from memory.

Lowest to highest 

Identify and rank Australian coin denominations.

Make the Total

Draw the coins that are needed to buy different items.

Money box – level 1

Practise adding up coins, drawing coins and writing their values.

Money box – level 2

Challenge yourself with a slightly harder version of ‘Money box – level 1’.

Shapes, sizes and colours

Explore all the shapes, sizes and colours of Australian coins.

What's for lunch?

Use your coin knowledge to figure out what’s for lunch.

Test yourself

My Australian coin knowledge

Test everything you’ve learned about Australian coins.

What did I learn?

Test yourself even further on what you’ve learned about Australian coins.

Which is worth more?

Test your knowledge of the value of Australian coins.

Factsheets and interactive learning

About our coins

About The Mint

Australian Coin History

Australian coins – a fascinating history

Becoming a Coin Collector

Before decimal currency

Coin glossary

Decimal Currency

Fast Facts

Interactive Games

Robots at the Mint

The coin-making process


Activity sheets

Alphabet grid (IWB)

Coin comprehension (IWB)


Coin coordinates (IWB)


Coin ordering


Coin timeline (IWB)

Coin Venn diagram (IWB)

Crack the currency code (IWB)


Currency creatures (IWB)


Decipher the Message

Fast Money (IWB)

Finish the coin (IWB)

Letter Maze


Match the Print


Mint Wordsearch


Perfect Coin



Behind the News

This video takes your students on a quick tour (3:45) of the Mint, showing how our coins are designed and produced. This is the video students will watch if they are lucky enough to visit the Mint.

1966 Decimal Currency Advertisement


This black and white advertisement was released to assist Australians with the transition from imperial currency to decimal currency.

The Decimal Currency Song


This advertisement was released to educate the population about the change to decimal currency. The catchy tune was designed to help people to remember important information.