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Returning Worn or Mutilated Coins damaged in recent bushfires.

Claims for collectible coins or coin collections need to be directed to your home and contents insurer.

For circulating coins, we (the Mint) do understand the current situation and can offer the following advice.

The Mint has processes that are ordinarily used for the return of worn or mutilated circulating coins, these can be found on the Mint’s website.

Your financial institution is the primary point of contact for redemption of worn coin, however a citizen can, through their bank, make a mutilated coin claim for severely damaged coin. This process does not give the person the full face value of coins, as it is designed more to facilitate waste disposal rather than value exchange.

However, due to the exceptional circumstances created by recent bushfire events, the Mint is willing to assess individual claims, if made, to determine if we can facilitate metal recovery for the person who has been a victim of the recent fires. This would be on a case-by-case basis and would require assistance from the affected person’s bank to facilitate the claim and is not a guarantee of outcome.

Please contact your financial institution to initiate the process.

Additional information for banks

Please note that should you experience a significant volume of claims of this nature, timeframes for response may be affected and this will need to be factored into any communication with the person making the claim.

Please feel free to contact us should you have any further questions.