Worn and Mutilated Coin Policy

The Royal Australian Mint (the Mint) is the sole supplier of circulating coins in Australia. The Mint seeks to have high quality coins in circulation. This maintains confidence in Australia's currency and makes it more difficult for counterfeit coins to be passed. The circulation of worn, damaged or mutilated coins hinders the smooth operation of coin operated and coin handling machines and may confuse or mislead the public.

The Mint accepts for redemption at face value all worn Australian circulating coins worn as a result of normal use, from all authorised deposit-taking institutions (ADIs) for example; banks, cash-in-transit businesses and armoured cash carriers.

The Mint does not accept coins directly from individuals, businesses or other organisations. Anyone with coins that are worn through normal use should deposit these coins with their bank.

The Mint does not accept for redemption at face value any Australian circulating coins damaged in any other way. This includes coins damaged in industrial processes, melted coins, coins that are attached to another object, have been drilled or punctured by any means or objects which may have been coins but are no longer identifiable (mutilated coins).

The Mint does not accept mutilated coins unless processed through the banking system under strict conditions and accompanied by a Mutilated Coin Claim Form. The Mint will reimburse the depositor with the lesser of face value and the metal value contained in these coins, less a handling and administration fee.

The Mint does not accept deposits of foreign coin (i.e. coins from countries other than Australia).

Any suspicious deposits will be referred to the Australian Federal Police.

Worn and Mutilated Circulating Coin Policy 55kb (PDF)