While You're Here

Welcome Desk

Our friendly team at the Welcome Desk are here to answer any Mint-related questions (and will try to answer any non-Mint-related questions!).

Parents and carers

Children of all ages are welcome at the Mint. There are change tables available in the accessible toilet, and a dedicated children’s area in the gallery space with activities for the young (and young at heart!)


Get connected with our free Wi-Fi – ask our Visitor Experience Hosts how.


  • We are all about capturing those picture-perfect moments here at the Mint. As long as there aren’t any signs saying otherwise, we’d love for you to take photos and videos in your spaces.
  • Please keep your photographs and videos for personal use only – they cannot be commercially reproduced or used for publication.
  • We encourage you to respect the privacy of everyone who visits the Mint, especially our youngest guests. If you are taking photos or videos, we ask that everyone who is identifiable has given their consent. And if someone’s under 18, their parent or guardian will need to give consent too!

Commercial photography needs prior approval. You can email your request to hello@ramint.gov.au.

Lost Property

If you need to enquire about lost property, simply head to our Welcome Desk and our friendly staff will do everything they can to assist.

Conditions of entry

We’re so excited to have you visit the Royal Australian Mint and hope you enjoy your time here! To help us preserve the National Coin Collection and make sure everyone has a fantastic time, we ask you to follow these conditions of entry.

  • Mint staff are here to make sure you have a safe and wonderful time! Please give them all the kindness and respect they deserve – they’re happy to assist you with anything you need!
  • Please conduct yourself in a way that is respectful to everyone around you.
  • You must comply with any reasonable directions given by Mint security or staff.
  • Please keep an eye on your bags and personal items while you’re here. We can’t be held responsible for any loss or damage to your items.
  • Students are encouraged to leave bags and personal items on their safely secured coach service.
  • Keep your shoes on at all times while you’re exploring the Mint.
  • To keep the exhibition area looking its best, we ask that you wait until you are in the café or outside to consume food and drinks.
  • To keep our visitors safe and happy, please leave your scooters, skateboards and bicycles outside.
  • Children under the age of 15 must be supervised at all times.
  • It’s against Government regulation to smoke tobacco or nicotine vapours within 10 metres of any entry or exit of the Mint.
  • Please don’t bring any alcohol or illicit drugs onto the premises, and don’t come in under the influence.
  • The Mint reserves the right to refuse entry to visitors who do not comply with the conditions of entry.