Visit the Mint

Come to the Mint where every Australian coin in the pockets of millions of Australians is made.

We are so much more than a factory that makes the coins you find in your change. We also make coins that you can keep and collect. We are an award-winning national cultural attraction and a heritage site.Image of woman and two young children taking a selfie in front of the giant coins outside the Royal Australian Mint

We tell the story of our great country through the coins you use every day. From our wonderful nature, our unique culture and every moment in history that matters most to Aussies.

And who can’t relate to coins? We all have a coin story to share. Whether it was the first gift from the tooth fairy, the sixpence in the Christmas pudding or the vital ‘heads or tails’ decision, coins have been around for many centuries and we all use and value them differently.

Immerse yourself in the world of coins, because one and all, coins are Made for Wonder.

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday
8:30am to 5pm
Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays
10am to 4pm

The Mint is closed on Christmas Day and Good Friday.

Entry is FREE