Visit the Mint

Come to the Mint where every Australian coin in the pockets of millions of Australians is made.

What will I see and do when visiting the Mint?

The Mint is easy to explore and learn about how all of Australia’s circulating coins are made.
Upstairs you can watch a DVD, see our collection of old and rare Australian coins and observe the factories from our factory viewing area. There are interactive touchscreens available to thoroughly explain the coin making process - the videos take you closer to the action than many of the staff see themselves!

Downstairs you can make a coin, browse the coin shop and the enjoy refreshments at the cafe.

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday
8.30 am to 5 pm
Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays
10 am to 4 pm

The Mint is closed on Christmas Day and Good Friday.

Entry is FREE

For any enquiries please contact 02 6202 6999 or email

Royal Australian Mint Visitor Guidelines

We kindly ask that all visitors observe the following guidelines to ensure the preservation of the National Coin Collection and an enjoyable experience for all.

Rules of entry

  • No eating or drinking in the exhibition area.
  • Footwear to be worn at all times.
  • No scooters or bicycles in the exhibition area.
  • Exhibition displays must not be touched.
  • Do not leave any bags or personal possessions unattended. Visitors, particularly students, are encouraged to leave bags and personal items on their safely secured coach service. The Mint is not liable for any loss or damage of these items. 
  • Conduct yourself in a manner that does not disrupt or offend. The venue reserves the right to refuse entry to visitors who do not comply with these guidelines.
  • Comply with all written and verbal instructions from the Mint.
  • Children under the age of 15 must be supervised at all times.
  • Cameras and recording devices are permitted in the exhibitions area. Photographs and videos must not contain images of children without their parent/guardian’s consent or be commercially reproduced.
  • It is against Government regulation to smoke tobacco or nicotine vapours within 10 metres of any entry or exit of these premises. Do not enter under the influence of or bring onto the premises alcohol or illicit drugs

Some tips to consider prior to your visit:

  • The Royal Australian Mint has a small number of wheelchairs available on-site should you require them. Please enquire at the welcome desk or call 6202 6900 prior to your visit.
  • Check our website or social media for any events, exhibitions or programs that are running and may require a booking to avoid disappointment.
  • Check the free public tour times for the day you are visiting on our website.
  • Contact the Mint in advance if you have a group or school that requires a tour booking:
  • All lost property will be given to the security desk. To ask about lost property, please enquire at the welcome desk or call 6202 6900.

We hope you enjoy your visit!


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