Student Activity Sheets

These resources are aimed at primary and middle years student audiences

Year Three Activities  - Commemorating with coins
Every Australian coin helps to tell a small piece of our nation's story. Exploring the images on commemorative coins can help students to see the events and people that have made an impact on our country. The following activities help students to explore what commemoration means and which events and people we commemorate as a nation.

What is a Commemorative Coin? [Factsheet]

Commemorative Coins

What's on the Commemorative Coins? (IWB).

Commemoration Concept Map (IWB).

What, When, Why and How? (IWB).


Year Four Activities  - Early trading and currency chaos
The following activities help students to explore the trading systems and routes of First Australians and consider the items that were traded, particularly focusing on the idea of trading stories, songs and ceremonies. Subsequently, students will investigate the currency situation for early settlers.

Currency in early settlement [Factsheet]

Trading Tales [Factsheet]

Early Trade (IWB).

Exchange Rate - 1 (IWB).

Exchange Rate - 2 (IWB).


Year Five Activities - The journey to a unified currency
The following activities help students to understand the many different forms of currency being used in the 1800s which caused serious issues for a young Australia. Students learn about what was happening in the colony, the solutions presented by Governor Lachlan Macquarie and consider how a local, accepted, stable currency would help Australia to forge a national identity.

Currency in the early settlement [Factsheet]

An innovative solution [Factsheet]

Currency Chaos (IWB).

Currency Comparison (IWB).

The Holey Dollar (IWB).


Year Six Activities - A national currency is born
The changeover to decimal currency was a significant Australian event during the 1900s. The decision to move away from the British-based sterling system to a more global decimal currency was one that helped to shape Australia's growing identity as an independent nation. In these activities, students will consider this important event and also review how the media was used to inform and persuade the public about the change.

Journey to an Australian Currency [Factsheet]

Opening the Royal Australian Mint [Factsheet]

Currency Commercials (IWB).

Changeover - The Leap to a National Currency (IWB).

We Are Australian (IWB).

Other Activities

Coin KWL Chart (IWB)

Alphabet Grid (IWB)

Coin Comprehension (IWB)

Coin Ordering

Fast Money (IWB)

Coin Coordinates (IWB)

Crack the Currency Code (IWB)

Currency Creatures (IWB)

Coin Timeline (IWB)

Coin Venn Diagram (IWB)

Finish the Coin (IWB)


Coin Comprehension

Coin Coordinates, Crack the Currency Code, and Coin Ordering

Currency Creatures