Student Activity Sheets

These resources are aimed at lower primary student audiences

Australian Coins (IWB).
Learning the basics of Australian coins and denominations.

Heads or Tails (IWB).
Identify the different sides of Australian coins and learn how they differ.

Coin Values (IWB).
Learn the various denominations of Australian coins and how to recognise them.

Shapes, Sizes and Colours (IWB).
Explore the variety of shapes, sizes and colours of Australian coins.

Dollars and Cents (IWB).
How to make sense of dollars and cents.

How Much Do I Have? (IWB).
How to write dollars and cents.

Make the Total (IWB).
Practice drawing the coins that are needed to buy these items.

Money Box - Level 1  (IWB).
A fun practice for adding up coins, drawing coins and writing their values. Also includes a special Level 2 task to give an extra challenge.”

Money Box - Level 2   (IWB).
A slightly harder version of Money Box - Level 1. Can you challenge yourself?

Coin Rubbings
A fun and interesting way to record what a coin looks like.

Look, Cover, Draw, Check (IWB).
A fun lesson in remembering Australian coins. How well will you do?

Lowest to Highest (IWB).
A fun lesson in indentifying and ranking the denominations of Australian coins.

Which is Worth more? (IWB).
An activity to see how much attention you've paid to the value of Australian coins.

What's for Lunch (IWB).
Put your knowledge to the test. Can you figure out what's for lunch?

My Australian Coin Knowledge (IWB).
Put everything you have learned about Australian coins to the test.

What did I learn (IWB) (Solutions)
Do you know more? Test yourself further with what you have learned about Australian coins.

KWL Chart (IWB).
What you know, want to know, and already know!

  Coins from Other Places
Collecting coins from around the world can be very interesting, especially seeing what makes them different!

Coin Cards (Card Game Ideas).
Make your own set of coin cards and check out all the games you can play!

Coin Mobile
A fun activity to make your very own hanging coin mobile.

Coin Relay
Feeling physical? Check out these instructions on how to run your own coin relay. 

A Visit to the Royal Australian Mint (IWB).
Come and see where Australia's coins are made and how they end up in your pocket.

Do you love the animals that are on the coins as much as we do? Create your very own mask of some of the most popular Australian animals you see on our coins.
Echidna / Kangaroo / Platypus

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