Coining: Collector Coins

The uncirculated coin press has an automatic feed and can make up to 80 coins per minute or 20 000 coins per day.

Proof coins are made in presses which strike with 180-360 tonnes of pressure. Each proof press is manually operated, and the blanks are struck 4-6 times each. Each proof die can strike approximately 250 coins before it has to be replaced.

Uncirculated coins are inspected by staff members who monitor the production conveyor belt as coins leave the press. Any which do not meet standard are removed.

Proof coins are individually inspected by the press operator, using eyeglasses and magnifying lamps to check for any flaws. The tiniest imperfection will result in the operator placing the coin in a reject pile, whose contents will be sent to a foundry and melted down.

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Inspecting a proof coin
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Inspecting a proof coin
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