Royal Australian Mint APS Employee Census 2023

Royal Australian Mint APS Employee Census 2023 (PDF)
Royal Australian Mint APS Employee Census 2023 (Excel)
Royal Australian Mint APS Employee Census Action Plan 2023 (PDF)

CEO Foreword

All employees at the Royal Australian Mint (the Mint) have the right to say what they like and don’t like about work, and their ideas for making work a better place. The APS Employee Census is one of a range of important tools that enables the voice of Mint staff to be heard. While I am pleased that the response rate to the census remains at a high level for the Mint, I recognise that the intended actions from last year’s census have not translated to measurable positive results, with most areas reflecting reductions over the 2022 results.

The Mint’s senior leadership has acknowledged that an overly ambitious APS Employee Census Action Plan is a risk to progress, and has therefore identified three target areas in response to the Mint’s 2023 APS Employee Census results:

  • Communication – continue to implement the recommendations of the 2022 internal communications review, and measure its effectiveness.
  • Leadership – senior management – develop the way that Mint leaders, particularly the Senior Management Team, work together.
  • Clarity of priorities through business planning – clarify the priorities of the Mint by finalising and publishing a Mint business plan for 2023-2024.

Key findings

In 2023, 74 per cent of Mint employees participated in the APS Employee Census which is a 4 per cent decrease compared to the 2022 census but still an increase of 18 per cent from the 2021 census. The Mint’s participation in the 2023 census fares well against the whole of the service participation rate which was 80 per cent, a 3 per cent decrease from 2022.

Where to from here

The APS Employee Census Action Plan aims to address important areas identified by our employees to improve and provides an accountability measure to assist in building a stronger culture of acting on results. Employees were consulted about the Action Plan target areas and feedback incorporated. The target areas align with the themes in the Mint’s Workforce Plan and its continued implementation, will support the Action Plan.