Royal Australian Mint APS Employee Census 2022

Royal Australian Mint APS Employee Census 2022 (PDF)

Key findings

In 2022, 78 per cent of Royal Australian Mint employees participated in the APS Census which is an increase of 22 per cent from 2021. Overall, the Mint’s Census results compared favourably with the APS as a whole and other APS agencies.

We continued to receive well above average responses in areas such as:

•            employee engagement

•            workgroup performance

•            workplace conditions.

However, a significant number of areas received decreases from responses in the previous census.

Where to from here

We have committed to maintaining the positive aspects reflected in the results, whilst working on elements that improve the experience of staff. Our priorities include enhancing our:

•            communication

•            leadership and innovation

•            diversity and inclusion, and recognition.

These priorities are incorporated into our Workforce Plan.