Second coin in the Millennium Coin Series sells out!


The Royal Australian Mint has just announced that The Present coin, second in the extremely popular Millennium Coin Series, has sold out.

The sell-out has occurred even quicker for The Present coin than for its 1999 counterpart, The Past. Collectors were delighted with the new metal composition (silver and gold plate), as well as the creative pad-printing within the design.

The popularity of The Present coin can be attributed to the amalgamation of the following factors within one coin:

  • It is part of the Millennium Coin Series - a series celebrating an important time in history
  • The evocative design is the result of a nation-wide competition
  • It is a bimetallic coin, with each of the three coins in the series containing a different metal composition
  • In addition to being bimetallic, it is also pad-printed
  • While extremely attractive due to the above factors, it is limited to just 20,000

Those collectors who purchased The Past and The Present can be sure that they have secured a rare treasure, and that the 2001 The Future coin will be in great demand - even though all elements of the final design have not yet been revealed!