Royal Australian Mint marks the 2022 Lunar Year of the Tiger


To celebrate the Lunar Year of the Tiger, the Royal Australian Mint (the Mint) has released a collection of coins featuring the charming and powerful tiger, and the Chinese Lunar Year calendar wheel.

Royal Australian Mint CEO – Leigh Gordon AO, CSM said “Chinese Lunar New Year is celebrated across the globe. Coins and money are considered to be traditional and lucky gifts. These beautifully designed coins will be a tasteful and auspicious gift to celebrate 2022 Lunar New Year.”

The Mint’s 2022 Lunar Series collection celebrates the 2022 Year of the Tiger, which is traditionally the third animal featured in the new twelve year lunar cycle.

According to legend the Chinese Jade Emperor announced a Great Race to establish the first twelve signs of the Lunar Zodiac. At the end of the race the animals had to cross a fast-flowing river and the first twelve would take their place in the Zodiac.

The confident Tiger was a likely contender to win, but kept getting swept downstream by the strong currents. Showing the determination and strength synonymous with those born under the sign, the Tiger finally made it a shore in third place after the Rat and the Ox.

People born in the Year of the Tiger are said to be brave, charming and well liked. Famous Tigers include Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, performer Lady Gaga and Australia’s ‘Crocodile Hunter’ Steve Irwin.

The 2022 Lunar Series – Year of the Tiger designs feature the adventurous Tiger in a lively stance – it is brave, competitive and unpredictable. Decorating the field of the coin is the branch of a pine tree. The pine tree is a symbol of strength, which ties in well with people born in the Year of the Tiger.

The Chinese Lunar Calendar is represented in a wheel format. The animals are depicted running across a water pattern symbolising the traditional story of the race across a river to decide on the order of the Lunar Calendar. The animals’ place on the coin are rotated one place each year so that the Tiger is at the top for 2022. In the centre of the design is the symbol ‘Fu’ for good luck. Surrounding this symbol are clouds that represent the heavens. ‘Fu’ and clouds shown together symbolise never ending fortune.

The ‘2022 Lunar Series – Year of the Tiger’ collection includes a 50c Tetra-Decagon Uncirculated Coin,  $1 Uncirculated Two-Coin Set, $5 Fine Silver Proof Domed Coin, $1 1/2oz Fine Silver Uncirculated Ingot, and a $100 Gold Proof Domed Coin. Images of these coins can be accessed here.

These coins are Australian legal tender and can be purchased from the Royal Australian Mint’s eShop, one of its authorised Dealers, or the Contact Centre (1300 652 020). 

Media Enquiries: Nicolle Keyes,, 0411 520 938