The Royal Australian Mint celebrates 40 years of decimalisation with Fine Silver Proof 2006 Year Set


A unique and very special set of silver coins from Australia's national mint, the Royal Australian Mint, will mark the 40th anniversary of decimalisation in Australia with the release of the 2006 Fine Silver Proof Year Set on Friday 10th February.

Of special note is the featured obverse of the original Arnold Machin effigy of the Queen, the same obverse design which first appeared on Australia's new decimal currency in 1966. This effigy will only appear on the Mint's Fine Silver Proof Year set this year, making this set a highly sought after collectible.

In a tribute to 40 years of decimalisation the 2006 Fine Silver Proof Year Set has been especially minted to reflect the style of the original decimal coins when introduced into the Australian economy in 1966. This includes the return of 1 and 2 cent coin and a round 50 cent piece.

Chief Executive Officer of the Royal Australian Mint, Dr Vivienne Thom said "The 2006 Fine Silver Proof Set is absolutely stunning. The magnificence of the 99.9% fine silver coins minted in the original 1966 style, bearing the original obverse effigy of the Queen is the most appropriate tribute to celebrating 40 years of decimalisation in Australia and as a tribute to mark Queen Elizabeth's 80th birthday year".

The Fine Silver Proof Year Set is set in a rich wooden case with striking black lining. Due to a limited mintage of 6500 and their historical significance, it is anticipated that the Set will be highly sought after by collectors.

The 2006 Fine Silver Year Set is available directly from the Royal Australian Mint for purchase from Friday, 10th February calling 1300 652 020 or visiting

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Fine Silver Proof 2006 Year Set Fine Silver Proof 2006 Year Set

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