Royal Australian Mint & ACB team up


The Royal Australian Mint and the Australian Cricket Board are teaming up to bring the Centenary of Federation coins to Australia's attention through sport. Since their release in mid-November, the 2001 Six Coin Sets have been making an appearance at sporting arenas all over Australia, becoming the envy of cricket players, fans and even the Prime Minister.

John Howard & Joe Hockey MP present coin sets at PM's XI

Prime Minister John Howard assisted by The Hon Joe Hockey MP, Minister for Financial Services & Regulation, presented every member of both teams with a specially labelled 2001 Uncirculated Six Coin Set at the Prime Minister's XI match. Traditionally held in Canberra, home to the Federal Parliament House, it was appropriate that the match started with the toss of the new 50c Commonwealth Coat of Arms coin.

Spectators receive Centenary coins 'tossed' to commence test matches

During the five test matches played around Australia recently, a spectator at every game received a gift to cherish for years to come: after being carefully extracted from the 2001 Six Coin Proof Sets the $1 Centenary of Federation logo coins were tossed to commence the matches. Following this, a spectator in the crowd received the coin 'imprinted' with the umpire and captain's fingerprints and even a bit of dirt. These coins were then returned to the Mint in Canberra, sealed into the protective packaging and returned to the spectators as fantastic mementos of their attendance at the test matches.

Special version of Proof Centenary coin set for all cricketers in Centenary Match

The Royal Australian Mint has produced specially overprinted packaging for a select number of the 2001 Six Coin Proof Sets which will be presented to all team members of the Australian and West Indies teams in the Centenary of Federation Test Match to be played between 2nd and 6 January 2001. These sets will be unique souvenirs of the event. Appropriately, the match will also start with the toss of the $1 Centenary of Federation logo coin.