Rare opportunity to see all the money in the world!


Euro, yen, won, pound… these days you tend to only see these words on TV screens but now currency from all around the world is on display at the Royal Australian Mint (the Mint), Canberra.

Following the successful Mint Directors Conference (MDC), a new temporary display has been installed at the Royal Australian Mint with donated coins from many of the countries that were represented at MDC 2010.

“These coins are actually the best of their collection and were submitted in the MDC 2010 Coin Awards which was announced during the conference,” said Royal Australian Mint Chief Executive Officer Ross MacDiarmid.

With both the obverse and reverse on show visitors are able to get a close-up view of what goes into the pockets of those all around the world.

“Even if you have never been overseas before, this is a great opportunity to brush up on your global currency but also compare techniques and styles of other country’s currency – even I am blown away by some of them,” said Mr MacDiarmid.

“And visitors can really compare whether our 12-sided 50 cent coin really is one of the largest in the world!”

Titled “The World In Your Pocket”, the display features coins from over 20 countries including Norway, Kazakhstan, Singapore, Austria and Canada and will run until the end of January.

For more information on “The World In Your Pocket” please visit www.ramint.gov.au

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Samantha Engel - 0418 164 769