Minister releases circulating wedding coin for all Australians


The Assistant Treasurer Bill Shorten today announced a commemorative 20 cent coin, celebrating the marriage of Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton, will be released into public circulation after the wedding takes place.

The coin, designed and issued by the Royal Australian Mint, features a detailed sculpted portrait of the couple which went through a highly consultative approval process with Her Majesty The Queen.

The Assistant Treasurer remarked that it was fitting for the Royal Australian Mint, on behalf of Australia and the Australian Government, to continue the tradition of honouring and preserving royal history as they have done so well in the past.

“This royal wedding will capture the hearts of millions around the world, and as we have done so in the past with royal celebrations, a special circulating coin will be released to the public to commemorate this important occasion in royal history,” said the Assistant Treasurer.

“There are many royal collectibles out there but this circulating coin creates the excitement of checking your change to see if there happens to be a collectible right there in your pocket.”

Royal Australian Mint’s renowned coin sculptor Vladimir Gottwald designed this stunning coin using images of the couple as inspiration.

“Sculpting people’s faces can be rather challenging but Vladimir has exemplified quality craftsmanship and created a timeless piece which will be a collectible for years to come,” said Royal Australian Mint Chief Executive Officer Ross MacDiarmid.

The same design on the circulating 20 cent coin will also be offered on a collectible uncirculated 50 cent coin and as part of the Royal Wedding Set released earlier in March.

“The 2011 Royal Collection has presented all Australians with the opportunity to secure a precious keepsake of the fairytale marriage of Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton,” said Mr MacDiarmid.

The 50 Cent Uncirculated Royal Wedding Coin can be pre-ordered from Tuesday 12 April and will go on sale on 30 April. The 50 Cent Selectively Gold-Plated Royal Wedding Coin is only available in the Two Coin Set which can also be ordered now.

For coin images before 9am on Tuesday 12 April 2011 please contact Michelle Nakamura, details below. After this time they will be available in the Media Centre on the Mint’s website

For further details contact:
Michelle Nakamura
0418 164 769

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2011 20c Circulating Royal Wedding Coin

2011 20c Circulating Royal Wedding Coin


2011 50c Uncirculated Royal Wedding Coin 2011 50c Uncirculated Royal Wedding Coin JPG 2.0MB
2011 50c Selectively Gold-Plated Royal Wedding Coin 2011 50c Selectively Gold-Plated Royal Wedding Coin JPG 2.8MB