A magical release from the Royal Australian Mint


The adored Australian children's classic The Magic Pudding by Norman Lindsay features on the new 2006 Baby Coin set packs from the Royal Australian Mint. The famous bush tale characters adorn these beautiful sets that were released early in November.

"For Australia's national mint, this is an excellent opportunity to commemorate and promote great Australian events, achievements and people," said the Hon Chris Pearce, Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasurer, who has ministerial responsibility for the Royal Australian Mint. "It's delightful to see a great Australian and his work as the major theme on the packaging for the 2006 baby coin sets."

The Magic Pudding and other characters have a distinctive Australian appeal that has enchanted many generations of Australians and is sure to charm many more. Our baby sets are very popular in their own right as collectible coins or mementos of the year. This year though, we have added an extra delight to these beautiful sets."

The coin sets are a special memento often purchased by parents to mark the year of their child's birth. The coin sets feature Australia's coins, which are collected for a variety of reasons including the creation of a time capsule for each child.

The Australian coin sets are available in either uncirculated or proof versions and include a fine silver, frosted medallion of the cheeky pudding character, Albert, running through the bush.

The coin sets are available direct from the Mint by calling 1300 625 020, coin dealers or Australia Post Shops.