A legacy of kindness, a coin of gratitude

Commemorative $1 coin minted to mark the Centenary of Legacy

Commemorative $1 coin minted to mark the Centenary of Legacy

A commemorative $1 coin celebrating 100 years of Legacy has been released by the Royal Australian Mint (the Mint).

Eric Easterbrook, Chairman of Legacy Australia said Legacy was honoured to have partnered with the Royal Australian Mint to mark this special occasion.

“Legacy has a long and rich history in Australia. For 100 years, we have been standing proudly as the only veteran service organisation in Australia dedicated solely to the care and support of our veterans’ families.

We’d like to thank the Mint for helping us commemorate this important milestone as we continue to keep the promise to our veterans”, he said.

The Royal Australian Mint CEO, Leigh Gordon said this coin presents an opportunity for the Australian community to reflect on the significant impact Legacy has had over the last hundred years.Image of Legacy Bears with Legacy CEO Graham Boyd holding giant version of the 2023 $1 Centenary of Legacy coin

“Since 1923, Legacy has made an enormous difference to thousands of veterans’ families. It is an honour to be part of Legacy’s centenary celebrations, a time in which we can remember the past and look forward to the future.”

In recent years, the Royal Australian Mint has played a key role in promoting charitable behaviour and charitable organisations. The September 2020 launch of the Donation Dollar provided Australians with a tangible reminder to give to those in need.

Since then, the Mint has commemorated the anniversaries of several significant charitable organisations including Rotary, the RSPCA and the Smith Family through collectable coin programs.

The coin program commemorating the Centenary of Legacy continues to shine a light on Australian charitable organisations and the important work they do in our community.

The reverse of the coin features a sculpted interpretation of the Legacy logo torch cupped by a pair of hands with the title text ‘Centenary of Legacy • 100 Years of Service’ circling the design around the edge of the coin

The Centenary of Legacy 2023 $1 Uncirculated Coin is available in a limited mintage of 30,000 and retails for $15.00. 

The coins are Australian legal tender and can be purchased through the Mint’s online shop from Thursday, 2 March 2023