The Last Penny celebrates a milestone in Australian history


The last Australian Penny is to be honoured by the Royal Australian Mint's annual subscription minting, highlighting the 40th anniversary of the Penny's passing into history with the changeover from Imperial coinage to Decimal currency.

The Australian Penny, with its distinctive bounding kangaroo design, was last minted in 1964. Stocks of imperial coins were then used in Australia until the official changeover to decimal currency in 1966.

The kangaroo design dominated the reverse side of the penny for 26 years from 1938 to 1964. The George Kruger Gray (KG) design is an iconic symbol instantly recognised by many Australians.

The silver proof coin is only available by subscription with a strict deadline of 12th of March 2004. All orders must be received by the Royal Australian Mint by this date. The total mintage of the coin will be limited to the number of subscriptions received.

The Last Penny Subscription Coin can be ordered direct from the Royal Australian Mint by telephoning 1300 652 020 (local call cost) Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 4.30pm.

The subscription coin program has been a feature of the Royal Australian Mint since 1997. Coin designs and themes are chosen to feature either significant, historical or commemorative events and themes or to compliment coin programs. Extensive research into each coin release ensures a coin of particular importance and relevance is released into the market.


2004 $1 Proof Subscription Coin - 1964 Penny



2004 $1 Proof Subscription Coin - 1964 Penny Packaging


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