The International Year of the Volunteer $1 circulating coin


To celebrate the International Year of the Volunteer, the Federal Government has authorised the release of a $1 circulating coin featuring the Logo of the International Year. The Mint will produce some 6 million coins that will go into circulation around the country over the next few months. The coin will only be produced as a circulating coin and not in a proof or uncirculated format. It will therefore only be available in our circulating currency and not directly from the Mint.

Once the circulating coins have been produced by the Mint, they are sent to various storage depots around the country. As the commercial outlets such as banks, supermarkets etc call for more circulating coins so the coins will be released into circulation and be available in our change.

The $1 International Year of Volunteer coins will be released in this way into the nation's currency over a period of months. Some areas will see the coins in their change fairly soon while in other areas it might be a few months before the coin comes into circulation.

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