'Futuristic' coin captures radiance of the outback


A new coin produced by the Royal Australian Mint uses futuristic technology to bring the colours of the outback to life.

The coin represents the 'Finale' of the Mint's Year of the Outback series and was officially launched at the Mint by the Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasurer, Senator Ian Campbell, today (Monday 16 September).

The coin, based on photographs of the Olgas, is only the second in Australia to feature advanced Optical Variable Device technology. A series of microscopic grooves and ridges are struck into the surface of the coin to refract and diffuse light, so giving colour to the image.

The result gives the impression of the shifting spectrum of colours seen over the course of a day in Australia's great heartland.

"It captures the timeless sense of Australia's landscape," Senator Campbell said..

"Thanks to this remarkable technology, a simple tilt of the coin can take you from the soft morning light, through the reddening heat of the day to the dark outback night."

The technology, developed by the CSIRO, is also recognised as a highly effective anti-counterfeiting device.

The coins are a strictly limited edition of only 15,000. Last year the 'Finale' coins were sold out in weeks and consequently the mintage for the Outback 'Finale' coin has been increased to 15,000 to satisfy expected demand.

"It is quite a dazzling piece of workmanship and a fitting tribute to the Year of the Outback," Senator Campbell said.

The coins are available from the Royal Australian Mint (ph 1300 65 20 20 between 8.30am to 4pm EST) and selected coin dealers around Australia and retail for $79.50 each.

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Year of the Outback coins - morning Morning
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Year of the Outback coin - midday Midday
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Year of the Outback coin - twilight Twilight
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