Four heads on one coin, a first for the new year!


For the first time in history, four heads will appear on one coin to mark one hundred years of Australian coinage.

On New Year’s Day, the Royal Australian Mint will unveil a new $1 coin design which honours the four monarchs that have appeared on Australian coinage over the past century.

“This commemoration is a significant milestone in Australia’s history,” said Royal Australian Mint Acting Chief Executive Officer Graham Smith.

“Along with the new Government and Constitution, the change in 1910, from the British monetary system to our own, heralded the unity and budding independence of our young nation. And this is what we are celebrating in 2010.”

The new design features portraits of King Edward VII (1901-1910), King George V (1910-1936), King George VI (1936-1952) and Queen Elizabeth II (1952-present), sculpted by the Mint’s Vladimir Gottwald.

The collectible coin will also bear the ‘C’ for Canberra mintmark, which denotes its place of minting. And visiting the Mint in 2010 is the only way that you will be able to buy this coin on its own.

“A lucky visitor will actually have the chance to be the very first to strike this new collector coin in 2010,” said Mr Smith.

“In the past, coin collectors have lined up at sunrise for the rare opportunity to be amongst the first people in the world to mint the first coin for the year – and this year I imagine it will be no different.”

“The first person in the line at the Mint at 10 am will have the honour of being the first to operate the press, making history and taking home a very special memory and collectible coin.”

“The following 99 visitors who make a coin on the visitor press will also take home a special prize and certificate proving they were some of the first people to make a coin at the Mint in 2010.”

Audio grabs of Acting Chief Executive Officer Graham Smith speaking about the coin and activities on New Year’s Day, coin and packaging images are available on the Mint’s website at

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2010 $1 Uncirculated 'C' Mintmark

2010 $1 Uncirculated 'C' Mintmark


2010 $1 Silver Proof 'C' Mintmark

2010 $1 Silver Proof 'C' Mintmark


  Acting CEO Graham Smith speaking about the coin and activities on New Year’s Day.

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