Collectors see stars with Australia’s first gold domed coin by the Royal Australian Mint


A true representation of innovative craftsmanship, the latest release by the Royal Australian Mint (the Mint) sees the mystique of the southern hemisphere’s cosmic wonders captured in one ounce of gold and struck in the highly-acclaimed domed shape seen in previous sell-out products.

At the forefront of creative design, this unique piece by the Mint is the first cutting-edge gold curved coin to be released within Australia and the first of the Celestial Dome two coin series.

Mint Chief Executive Officer Mr Ross MacDiarmid said that it would be remiss of the Mint not to develop something magical to follow the popular Southern Sky and Northern Sky series, in which all six releases sold out within a matter of days.

“We have witnessed an incredible level of demand for our domed coins with astronomical designs, so to extend this popular theme the Mint has pushed the boundaries to create a jaw-dropping two coin series, made of 99.99% gold,” said Mr MacDiarmid

“Continuing the Mint’s reputation of producing high quality, innovative minted treasures, this Celestial Dome will be the centrepiece in collections around the world.”

“As the first gold domed coin developed by the Royal Australian Mint we are thrilled to display our creative and engineering genius by capturing the elements of the night sky to such stunning effect.”

Featuring designs taken from the southern hemisphere’s constellations, this domed coin utilises modern minting techniques and the astounding glamour of gold to accentuate the mystique of the night sky.

With a strictly limited mintage of 750 and retailing for AU$2600 (incl GST), the 2017 $100 Gold Proof Domed Coin is sure to captivate collectors worldwide.

This coin can be purchased from Friday 3 February 2017 by calling +61 2 6202 6800 or visiting  For all sales in North America please contact APMEX For all sales in the Asian region please contact LPM For all other sales please contact the Mint, details above.

For media enquiries contact:
Michelle Nakamura, Royal Australian Mint – (02) 6202 6974, 0418 164 769 or  

2017 $100 Gold Proof Domed Coin - Southern Sky - Reverse
2017 $100 Gold Proof Domed Coin - Southern Sky - Dome
2017 $100 Gold Proof Domed Coin - Southern Sky - Obverse
2017 $100 Gold Proof Domed Coin - Southern Sky - Packaging