Australia's World Heritage Areas captured in fine silver forever


The beauty of Australia's fourteen World Heritage listed Areas have been captured in the finest of silver medallions. The Royal Australian Mint, our national Mint, has launched its limited edition set of medallions highlighting Australia's 14 World Heritage listed Areas which includes medallions for New South Wales, Tasmania, Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia and the Northern Territory.

Dr Vivienne Thom, the Controller of the Mint said 'It is incredible that the beauty and majesty of Australia's World Heritage Areas can be highlighted on seven silver medallions with such clarity and feeling. A limited number of collectors have the opportunity to own and enjoy a wonderful set beautifully presented showing off Australia's natural wonders. This set is the result of a very successful collaboration between the Department of the Environment and the Mint'.

With a very limited issue of only 500 full sets world-wide, the sets are already attracting interest from all corners of the globe.

The Mint's designer, Vladimir Gottwald, spent some 16 months studying books on the regions, drawing designs for each of the 14 regions as well as discussing the designs with staff from the Department of the Environment. Vladimir said, 'This was a very difficult commission as each region had to have its ethos highlighted on a medallion. It took a long time to decide what elements of each region would fairly represent it to the public and then bring these together artistically on one medallion for each region.'

Each medallion is 50 mm in diameter and contains 72 grams of fine silver. The seven medallions feature a different World Heritage Area on alternate sides, so showing all 14 World Heritage Areas in total. The medallions have been 'antiqued' which highlights the designs further. The medallions come in a plush presentation case and can be displayed to advantage in home or office.

The Controller of the Mint said 'This premium collection of finely produced medallions will be highly sought after and will be treasured by those who own them. It is wonderful to see how Australian's have embraced this wonderful collection of miniature pieces of artworks'.

The seven medallions in their presentation case, and numbered certificate of authenticity are only available directly from the Mint for $880.00 plus postage and handling. (Phone 1300 652 020 between 8.30am and 4.30pm (EST), Monday to Friday, or visit the E-shop on the Mint's website to view and buy this set -

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