Australia’s Frontline Workers honoured on Australia’s newest circulating coin


Following a global pandemic and an unprecedented two years, it is only fitting that Australia’s newest circulating coins honour our unsung heroes – Australia’s Frontline Workers.

The coloured $2 coin, released into circulation today by the Royal Australian Mint (the Mint), features 12 representations of some of the Frontline Workers who have worked diligently throughout the pandemic to keep Australians safe and healthy.

Leigh Gordon, CEO of the Royal Australian Mint highlighted the importance of recognising these sometimes unseen workers.

“Our front line workers have supported and protected Australians over the last two years, showing incredible resilience and exemplifying the Australian spirit.

“If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we often don’t realise the value of the people we have relied on to get us through the pandemic. It’s time to shine a spotlight on those who work in essential services, and who have kept our society connected and functioning during these extraordinary times,” said Mr Gordon.

The Mint has a proud history of commemorating significant events and people who have made an impact in Australia. The new Frontline Workers coin adds to this history.

“Every time someone receives this coin in their change, they will be reminded of the perseverance and service of Australia’s Frontline Workers.”

Some of the frontline workers featured on the coin include those on the front lines in our hospitals, such as doctors, nurses and paramedics. Other critical workers are also featured on the coin, including teachers, cleaners, retail workers and contact tracers.

“This coin is for the thousands of workers who put their own health and safety at risk to fulfil their roles and keep Australians healthy, safe, clean, fed and informed.”

Two million of the coloured $2 Frontline Workers commemorative coins will be released into circulation across Australia over the coming weeks.

A collectable version of the coin is included in the 2022 Year Sets, available from the Mint's eShop or through the Call Centre on 1300 652 020.

About the Royal Australian Mint

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Download the 2022 $2 Coloured Circulated Coin - Australia’s Frontline Workers

Download the 2022 $2 Coloured Circulated Coin - Australia’s Frontline Workers