Australia's and world's first hologram collector coin Year Set released


The designs that we will see on our standard circulating coins to be dated 2004 have been announced by the Royal Australian Mint. The 2004 dated coins offer both, what the Mint considers to be a world's first and a return to the original designs of our circulating decimal currency.

For the first time the Proof Year Set will contain a coin with a holographic image. The five kangaroos on the $1 coin appear as multi-coloured, iridescent holograms, conveying the impression of dazzling colour and movement. This stunning coin truly comes alive! Also for the first time in many years the standard coat of arms design returns to our 50c coins and the mob of five kangaroos will also be seen again on our 2004 dated coins.

The $1 hologram coin has been made possible by a new manufacturing method to produce a holographic effect on a coin, developed by the CSIRO in conjunction with the Mint. This method, called Replica Micro Moulding, uses a high precision elastomer stamp as a means for transferring a complex micro-pattern (the holographic image) onto the surface of the coin. A finely focused electron beam forms a pattern of fine grooves (which is the image that will appear on the reverse of the coin) on a specially prepared elastomer stamp. After striking the coin with the obverse image (effigy of the Queen) in the normal way in a coining press, the coin then goes through a second process where each coin has a resin application and is struck using the elastomer stamp. The fine pattern of grooves applied to the surface of the coin has been specifically designed to give an iridescent image with distinct colours and featuring a movement of the image with tilting of the coin - a very complicated process that produces a stunning result!

The six proof coins, made from specially treated blanks and dies are all struck and individually inspected to ensure that they meet the highest quality that collectors' demand of proof coins. In addition the coins are then hand packed into special presentation cases and outerboxes. These coins are the pinnacle of the Mintmaster's art and are much sought after by collectors and make excellent gifts.

The coins are available from the Royal Australian Mint (ph 1300 65 20 20 between 8.30am to 4pm EDT) and selected coin dealers around Australia and retail for $80.00 each.

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$1 Hologram Coin $1 Hologram Coin

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2004 Proof Year Set 2004 Proof Year Set

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