Australian Cricket Board to use Mint's new commemorative Centenary coin for test match


The Australian Cricket Board will use the special $1 proof coin from the Royal Australian Mint's new year 2001 Mint Set during the toss of the first Ansett Australia Test Match between Australia and the West Indies in Brisbane on the 23rd November.

The $1 proof coin, dated 2001, to be used has the special Centenary of Federation logo on it in colour.

The year 2001 Mint sets contain the standard circulating coin designs that Australians will see on the 2001 dated coins in their change later next year.

To celebrate the Centenary of Federation, the 2001 Year Set has a Federation theme. While the $1 coin features the Centenary of Federation logo, the 50c coin has the design of Australia's Coat of Arms on it. The collector sets, available to the public from 1 December 2000 come either as proof sets, where the $1 coin has the Centenary logo in colour as also the Coat of Arms on the 50c coin. The uncirculated coin collector Year Set has these two coins struck, as we are used to seeing the coin designs in our change and are not in colour.

The Centenary will also be marked by the ACB in January 2001 with the fifth Ansett Australia Test Match between Australia and the West Indies named The Centenary of Federation Test Match.

The Centenary of Federation Coin Program's year Sets, will be available from the Mint Shop, coin dealers and selected Australia Post outlets from 1 December 2000. These will be the first in a series of Federation themed coins to be issued by the Royal Australian Mint, the National Mint, during the course of next year.