Aussie $1 coin turns twenty with a very rare celebration


Australia's $1 coin is celebrating its 20th birthday with the release of a unique set of six silver coins from the Royal Australian Mint on 23 August, representing both the history of the coin and some rare test designs.

To commemorate the dollar's milestone the Royal Australian Mint has prepared a special coin set within the annual Masterpieces in Silver range, highlighting the history of the coin.

In 1984 the five kangaroo design $1 coin replaced the $1 note, adding another coin to the official Australian decimal currency. In preparation for the currency changeover, from note to coin, a variety of coin designs and shapes were considered. These included a seven-sided coin and a scalloped edge coin.

Australian animal themes dominated the proposals, including wombats and various kangaroo designs. However, the proposals also included an imperial lion, inspired by British currency designs and Australia's historical links to Britain.

Three test coins have been presented in the set, allowing collectors and interested parties to own their own piece of Australia's history and a reproduction of some rare pieces from the National Coin Collection.

In addition the set includes an award winning $1 coin design from 1995 of Waltzing Matilda, a very popular design with both collectors and Australians at large.

A reproduction of the current circulating kangaroo design in solid silver and at 40mm is the highlight tribute of the set.

The Masterpieces in Silver is an annual release by the Royal Australian Mint showcasing the Mastercraftsmanship of the Mint in both design and precious metals work.

The 20th Anniversary of the Australian $1 coin, Masterpieces in Silver 2004 retails for $195.00.

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2004 Masterpieces in Silver 2004 Masterpieces in Silver

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2004 Silver Kangaroo - Proof 2004 Silver Kangaroo - Proof

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