The ACT's floral emblem issued on a gold collector coin


The Australian Capital Territory's floral emblem, the Royal Bluebell will be featured on the Royal Australian Mint's gold coin release, THE FLORAL EMBLEMS OF AUSTRALIA series, which will be formally launched at the Mint on 22 July. The Floral Emblem will be struck on solid gold collector coins of two different dimensions; one coin will contain ? ounce and the other 1/3 ounce of pure 24 ct gold.

The Controller of the Mint, Dr Vivienne Thom said 'The coins are beautiful and highlight one of the Territory's wonderful emblems. These coins will be sold throughout Australia as well as internationally and will give added publicity to the ACT. By issuing coins that feature aspects of all the various States and self -governing Territories of Australia as well as so many of our icons, cultural, sporting and historical, the Mint is making our collector and circulating coinage interesting to look at and collect for many millions of Australians as well as overseas visitors and collectors".

In her formal launch address she said 'While the Royal Blue Bell is a small plant that is not very noticeable, when in flower it is nonetheless very striking because of the bright colour of its flower contrasting against a generally dry landscape... very appropriate for the National Capital, which is a small city even by Australian standards, but rather striking in influence. (Remembering the slogan from a few years ago - you can "feel the power", or perhaps the more recent "There's more to Canberra than meets the eye.")'.

The gold used in the production of these coins all came from Australian mines and if sales were at the same level as last year, then over 1300 ounces of gold would be used at a current value of over $500,000.

The ? and 1/3 ounce coins are produced in proof format in special presentation cases with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity. The prices of the proof coins are $580.85 (1/2 oz) and $350.34 (1/3 oz). The 1/3 ounce coin also comes in an uncirculated finish, retailing at $260.44.

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