2004 Baby Coin Set - an heirloom in the making


The Royal Australian Mint's 2004 Baby Coin Set is a unique way for friends and family of parents to commemorate and celebrate the birth of a baby. This is an opportunity to welcome the new arrival with an enduring heirloom and a precious gift.

Melbourne artist and illustrator Roland Harvey has been commissioned to create the new image on the charming presentation packaging for the National Mint's popular Baby Coin sets. Roland Harvey has painted scenes featuring the animals on our coins. The proof and uncirculated sets both feature different artwork designs on the packaging that will add to the popularity of the sets.

The 2004 Baby Coin sets are available in two versions:

  • The Proof version contain a complete set of individually struck 2004 Proof coins that feature the six traditional designs first used on our decimal coinage. The five kangaroos on the $1 coin appear as a hologram giving dazzling colour and movement which makes the coin come alive. A medallion of fine silver is included which also features a new design and allows each set to be personalized for the new arrival. This is all contained in an attractive presentation box which is then protected by the Roland Harvey presentation packaging. The Proof Baby Set costs $95.00.
  • The Unciculated set includes the six traditional coin designs straight from the presses and packaged to preserve them in pristine condition. The coins also feature the six traditional designs first used on our decimal coinage and the new design medallion which can be engraved to mark the occasion, just add in the new arrivals information and this appealing gift is complete. The set is then presented in the appealing Roland Harvey designed packaging and protected by a card sleeve. The Uncirculated set costs $30.50.
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2004 Baby Coin Set Uncirculated 2004 Baby Coin Set Uncirculated

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2004 Baby Coin Set Proof 2004 Baby Coin Set Proof

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