Privacy Impact Assessment Register


The Privacy (Australian Government Agencies—Governance) APP Code 2017 (Cth) (APP Code) requires that all agencies, including the Royal Australian Mint (Mint) conduct a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) for all high privacy risk projects.

A project may be a high risk project if the Mint considers that the project involves any new or changed ways of handling personal information that are likely to have a significant impact on the privacy of individuals.

The Mint is required to maintain a register of all PIAs it conducts and publish that register, or a version of that register, on its website. This PIA Register is published in full compliance with requirements, under the APP Code.

Privacy Impact Assessments undertaken

The Mint has undertaken the following PIAs:

Date the PIA was made

Title of PIA


September 2023


McArthur Scribing Services

September 2023


Third-party vetting agency, to perform functions under the AML/CTF Act

July 2023

Videography and Photography Projects at the Royal Australian Mint

April 2023

Migration to Exchange Online

August 2021

Animalia 2021 Digital Competition Promotion Campaign

June 2021

Tokyo Olympics 2021 Digital Activation Campaign

June 2021

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You can request a copy of a PIA by making a Freedom of Information request.