For Parents/Carers

Welcome to Investigating Australian Coins

Investigating Australian Coins is the Royal Australian Mint's education program for lower primary, primary and middle years students. This program aims to educate students about the important work of the Mint, as well as the history of Australia's currency, how it is produced, its denominations and designs.

In the student section, there are a number of fact sheets exploring the operations of the Mint, the history of currency in Australia, the coin-making process and much more. There are also some 'Just for Fun' activities to help children engage in learning about our coins.

Become a Coin Collector

Children love collecting things. Coin collecting is one of the oldest hobbies in the world and can be a rewarding pastime for young people. It is not difficult or expensive to begin a coin collection. Encourage children to ask friends and family for old coins to get them started. If you have travelled overseas, you may have some foreign currency lying around that you can add to the collection. Alternatively, grandparents, elderly friends and relatives may have some old pre-decimal currency. And of course, the Mint is always releasing interesting commemorative and collector's coins available for purchase.

Visit the Mint

The Mint is an interesting place to visit. You can wander through the National Coin Collection, look down into the coin production factory and marvel at Titan, one of the strongest robots in the southern hemisphere. The Mint also conducts free public tours throughout the day. Check out our Visiting page for more information. While visiting the Mint, children can also collect and complete an activity book (solutions).