Operational Notices

Notice 16 November 2023

To current and former Mint employees,

I apologise to every current and former casual employee of the Royal Australian Mint who has been paid less than they were due for work that they performed. 

Our employees are a vital part of the Mint and the systematic failure to pay them overtime for hours worked outside of standard working hours since 2010 is disrespectful and unacceptable. This failure should not, and will not, be accepted by the Mint. 

As the Chief Executive Officer of the Mint, I give my assurance that the Mint will fully remediate affected employees (current and former), and has put in place systems and processes to help prevent these under-payments being repeated. I also commit to rebuilding employees’ trust in the Mint which has been diminished by this systematic failure.

Affected current and former Mint employees have been contacted, where contact details are known to us. If you were a casual employee who worked for the Mint between late 2010 and August 2022, worked evenings, weekends, public holidays or during the Christmas shutdown and have not yet been contacted by the Mint’s Human Resources section, please contact us at HR@ramint.gov.au.

With regret,
Leigh Gordon
Chief Executive Officer