Upcoming Releases April 2023

Set a reminder in your phone, get out your calendar, pop up a post-it note or ask friend to remind you of these exciting new releases, available to order in April.


8.30am AEST Monday 3 April 2023.


Australia's Coat of Arms (Queensland)

2023 $1 1 oz Silver Investment Coin

2023 $100 1 oz Gold Investment Coin


Australian Antarctic Territory - Emperor Penguin

2023 $100 Gold Investment Coin

2023 $1 Silver Investment Coin


8.30am AEST Thursday 6 April 2023.


50th Anniversary of the end of Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam War

2023 $2 ‘C’ Mintmark Coloured Uncirculated Coin – RRP $15

2023 $2 ‘C’ Mintmark Coloured Silver Proof Coin – RRP $80


Australian Antarctic Series

2023 50c Coloured Uncirculated Coin – Emperor Penguin – RRP $15

2023 50c Coloured Uncirculated Coin – Humpback Whale – RRP $15


Creatures of the Deep

2023 $1 ‘S’ Counterstamp Uncirculated Coin - RRP $5 **


** Royal Easter Show exclusive product

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