-- Upcoming Releases --

The Mint is pleased to announce, that as a result of customer feedback, a new section has been added the Mint’s publications each month. This new section lists the exciting new releases available the following month, allowing our loyal customers advance notice of future releases of our unique and sought-after products. This information will also be published on the Mint's social media channels.

Releases for October 2018

2018 $5 Fine Silver Triangular AC/DC Coloured Nickel Plated Proof Coin
$130.00 RRP

2018 50c Uncirculated Coloured AC/DC  Coin 
$15.00 RRP

2019 $1 Silver Proof Coin - Kangaroo at Sunset  
$60.00 RRP

Please note: Products listed in this section will NOT be available for pre-purchase.
Products and prices are subject to change without notice and may not appear here due to commercial reasons.