Northern Sky - Cassiopeia coin has now sold out

Following overwhelming demand, the stunning 2016 $5 Coloured Fine Silver Proof Domed Coin - Northern Sky: Cassiopeia has now sold out. Proving popular with collectors, this coin featured a stunning design and superb craftsmanship while paying tribute to an awe-inspiring northern sky constellation.

With the beautiful and boastful Queen Cassiopeia’s celestial body being explored as the first coin in the series, this highly-sought after Northern Sky theme will continue to shine over the coming period. This strong level of demand was due to the beautiful curved design achieved by the Royal Australian Mint, therefore reaching the maximum mintage within a short period of time.

Although these coins are no longer available for purchase via the Mint’s retail channels, we do still have a number of fine silver coins which may appeal please see the following link for a full list:

You can also contact a coin dealer to see if they have any available by viewing this link:

Please note the Mini Mint Issue was correct at the time of printing.