Mint Condition - Holden Heritage Car Show

Take a drive down memory lane on Saturday 20 August 2016, with the Holden Heritage Car Show Mint Condition. Reflecting upon Holden’s story, the Mint has revealed the exciting new Holden Heritage Collection remembering the most popular and influential models through the ages. In this set eleven classic cars are reflected on coins and Mint Condition will see these models come together to celebrate the mark that Holden has made on generations.

As the models chosen for the Collection, the 48-215 (FX), FJ, FE, FC, EH, FB, HK Monaro, LJ Torana, HQ Monaro, HX Sandman and Commodore will be gathered outside the Mint to display their stunning designs.

Be one of the first to have access to this exclusive set, with a Mint pop-up shop selling the collection on the day. Each of the eleven models are celebrated on a colour printed uncirculated 50 cent coin, available to be purchased separately or in a set. A special bonus coin recognising Holden’s 160th anniversary and a themed collection tin will be included when purchasing the set in its entirety.

Date and location
10.00 am – 2.00 pm
Saturday 20 August 2016
Royal Australian Mint

See the Holden Heritage Collection here.

The pre-order allocation for the Holden Heritage Collection has been exhausted and there will now only be limited stock available at two upcoming events - Mint Condition Car Show at the Mint on Saturday 20 August and at the Bathurst 1000 on 6-9 October. You can still buy each of the 11 coins separately.