Mint apprentice is off to Canada after winning NSW Business Chamber scholarship!

Adrian Boucher, third year apprentice at the Royal Australian Mint was awarded the Roger Pysden Fellowship presented by Mrs Jan Pysden at the NSW Business Chamber Annual Awards Dinner on Friday 23 November 2007 at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre.

The Roger Pysden Memorial Fellowship provides financial support for Australians employed or studying in manufacturing disciplines to undertake an overseas study opportunity or an investigative project overseas that will benefit the future competitiveness of Australian manufacturing. The Roger Pysden Memorial Fellowship is a grant to help foster the development of an innovation and learning culture in Australian manufacturing. Up to three $A6,000 Fellowships are offered each year. The Fellowship is designed to assist selected Australians and permanent residents of Australia to gain first hand experience in world class manufacturing processes and technologies. The recipients of the Roger Pysden Memorial Fellowship are be determined by a Selection Committee that includes Directors from the Board of NSW Business Chamber. The successful applicants were chosen by the Selection Committee based on the degree to which their proposed study project meets the following selection criteria and judges' guidelines.

Only two people were awarded this scholarship for 2007.

Adrian has worked at the Royal Australian Mint for over nine years, and has developed experience in almost every trade and mechanical section. He is currently in his third year of a four year apprenticeship in 'Mechanical Engineering, Fitting and Machining'. Adrian will be travelling to Canada and will work for three months with the Royal Canadian Mint to develop and build on the skills that Adrian has developed over his years at the Royal Australian Mint. Adrian was also a finalist in the 2007 ACT Apprentice of the Year awards.

On returning to Australia, Fellows are required to report on the knowledge and experiences acquired through their travels and the potential impact of their experiences for Australian manufacturing. In addition to this written report, Fellows will be required to communicate their experiences and knowledge to ensure that the benefits of the Fellowship are disseminated to a wide range of people involved in Australian manufacturing.

"We are thrilled and proud that Adrian has won this prestigious scholarship. This is not only excellent for Adrian's professional development, but it is also a fantastic opportunity for the Royal Australian Mint to work with the Royal Canadian Mint, which is an internationally renowned world class minting facility. We wish Adrian all the best when he takes off to Canada in March 2008! To address skills shortages in Australia and establish an international exchange program, the Royal Australian Mint will host one staff member from the Royal Canadian Mint in 2009" said Janine Murphy, Chief Executive Officer of the Royal Australian Mint.

Mrs Jan Pysden with Mr Adrian Boucher Mrs Janine Murphy, CEO of the Royal Australian Mint with Mr Adrian Boucher