Last and First Coin of the Year Events at the Mint

New Year’s Eve Event – 2019 Last coin of the year
This will be your chance to secure the last coins produced for the year. On December 31 at 4:30 pm, we will hold a lucky door draw at the Mint for the last coins of the year. We will draw the last ten customers to strike a coin and each lucky winner will receive a certificate authenticating their last coin for 2019. Ticketing closes: 4.25 pm.

2020 New Year’s Day Event – First coin of the year
On 1 January 2020 the Mint will provide a ticketed ballot to be the first person to strike a coin in 2020! Between 7am and 9.45am every person on site at the Mint will receive one (1) ticket to go into the ballot to declare 100 places to receive the first coins of 2020. Ticketing closes: 9.00 am.

Similar to last year, the public will no longer be required to line up at the Mint overnight. In fact, due to concerns about health and safety the Mint requests no visitors line up at the Mint before 7 am on New Year’s Day.

Please note: The Mint reserves the right to make changes without notice.