Extra frunc in the 2008 Great Australian Artist series!

With the price of silver rising significantly over the past year, a decision was made to produce the 2007 $1 Kangaroo Frosted Uncirculated Coin in cupro nickel. The Mint was also commissioned to produce a corporate order of 2007 $1 Kangaroo Frosted Uncirculated coins in silver. This created some confusion amongst collectors as to the exact make up of the 2007 Great Australian Artist Series.

The good news is that, after considering the feedback of a number of collectors, the Mint has decided that the 2008 Great Australian Artist Series will feature both the silver and cupro-nickel frunc coins. Satisfying demand for both tradition and value, the 2008 Great Australian Artist Series is sure to be another excellent addition to the Silver Kangaroo Range. Keep an eye out for the latest information on this Series in the lead up to its September release.