eShop Upgrade

We’re pleased to announce that the Mint has made some upgrades to the eShop. With the significant increase in traffic to the Mint’s online store and in response to customer feedback, the Mint’s eShop is also implementing Queue-It.  This upgrade will make your purchasing experience with the Mint more enjoyable during busy periods.

How does it work?

On release day, customers that visit the Mint’s eShop before 7.30am (AEDT) can browse the website and make purchases as normal. At 7.30am (AEDT) all visitors to the site will be moved to the Queue-It waiting room.  When the new releases are made live at 8.30am (AEDT), customers in the waiting room will be assigned a place in the queue, offering a fair and equitable chance of securing the Mint sought after new releases. Once in the queue you’ll see your current position and an estimation of your wait time.

What happens when it’s my turn?

You’ll be redirected to the website at which point you’ll have 20 minutes to make your purchase.

What next?

Log off, sit back and relax. Your purchase is complete and your items will be on their way soon.

After meticulous testing we are ready to release it to the public, so when you swing by our online store, you might just get a peek of Queue-It before anyone else does.

Queue-It FAQ's