Ms Mandy Miles

In July 1991, Mandy Miles was driving to the shops in suburban Sydney when she saw smoke coming from the roof of a house. Mandy stopped and find out what was going on and found that the building was on fire.

Mandy Miles

Mandy met an elderly woman at the door who said that her husband was still inside. Mandy escorted the woman outside then re-entered the burning building to search for others.

Inside the house the thick smoke forced Mandy to her hands and knees. Looking back, she realised that the anxious woman had followed her back into the house. Mandy helped her back out before entering the house a second time. She crawled into a bedroom and found a man lying on the floor with parts of his clothing alight. Mandy managed to put out the fire on the man’s clothing, before the thick smoke in the room forced her to leave. Outside, Mandy hailed a passing car to call the police and fire brigade and waited until they arrived. Tragically the man later died from his trauma.