Mr Shane Allen BM

In 2013 Shane Allen gallantly rescued a child from a flooded stormwater drain in Canberra.

Shane Allen

One day after extensive rains, Shane was cycling along a bike path parallel to a stormwater drain when he heard screams. A 13 year old boy was being swept along the drain by fast-moving stormwater. Shane jumped off his bike, climbed over a fence and chased after the boy.

After trying unsuccessfully to use his backpack to reach the boy, Shane shouted at him to grab one of the ladders on the side of the drain. However, the floodwaters were too strong and swept the boy past. Shane sprinted 200 metres ahead to another ladder and climbed down until he was waist-deep in the water. Hooking an arm around the ladder, Shane was able to grab the boy’s wrist and swing him to the edge of the drain.

Shane assisted the boy out of the water and stayed with him until paramedics arrived.