Mr Peter Atkinson, Mr Brenton Bailey, Mr Eddin Basic and Miss Rebecca Trinnick

Four Victorian motorists who were strangers to each other found themselves working as a team, as they frantically attempted to save a driver from a burning car.

Atkinson, Bailey, and Trinnick (Basic not pictured)

Peter Atkinson, Brenton Bailey, Eddin Basic (not pictured) and Rebecca Trinnick were all driving along the Henty Highway in 2012 when they encountered a car that had left the road and crashed into a tree.

They all stopped to offer assistance and as they made their way to the car they found that the driver was trapped and a small fire was developing in the engine bay. Following a failed attempt to extinguish the flames, they pulled pieces away from the door and tried to pry it open.

One of the four, a nurse, checked the trapped man and initially found that he had a faint pulse. Unfortunately as the rescue attempts continued his pulse appeared to have stopped.

Eventually choking smoke forced the four rescurers to retreat and as soon as they did so the LPG fuel tank exploded. Tragically, the driver perished in the fire.