Mark of Authenticity

How to tell whether you have a true Royal Australian Mint product

The marks of authenticity are ways to advise our loyal customers, retailers and the general public of the attributes of authentic and official Royal Australian Mint products, so they can easily tell the difference between our official and custom minted products, re-packaged products in the secondary market and competitor products.

General elements of products that form part of the Royal Australian Mint's official numismatic program may include:
Signed Certificate of Authenticity from the CEO of the Royal Australian Mint, including nominal specifications (not all products have these).
Black or timber case with certificate
Round Taper Lock capsule
Australian legal tender bearing the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II
Royal Australian Mint logo with crest of Commonwealth of Australia or the text logo.

Crest Logo Royal Australian Mint Crest logo
Text Logo RAM text logo

Discontinuation of Royal Australian Mint Holographic Sticker
The Royal Australian Mint has discontinued the use of the holographic sticker as an added security measure for Royal Australian Mint products.
A review of the way we produced and presented our products found there was no identifiable security risk to Royal Australian Mint products that was being addressed by the addition of such a security measure. This decision came into effect on all 2015 products.
If you are concerned about the authenticity of a coin in your collection, we recommend you enquire with a recognised Coin Dealer to provide an assessment of your coin.

General elements of the custom minted products made by the Royal Australian Mint may include:
The coin is referred to as 'struck' by the Royal Australian Mint rather than minted.
Occasionally coin supplied in capsule only.
Privately commissioned coins packaged by a third party are only authorised to bear the Royal Australian Mint text logo and requires permission

Custom Minted Product - No Logo Custom Minted Product with No Logo
Royal Australian Mint Product - Crest Logo Royal Australian Mint product with Crest Logo

Instances where the Royal Australian Mint provides the coin, case and outer packaging the outer packaging will only feature the text logo.

Outer packaging only displaying the Text Logo