Legends Program

The Royal Australian Mint's Loyalty Program

In numismatic circles, a 'legend' is the inscription on a coin that conveys important information about the coin's production. Similarly, Mint Legends members will be encouraged to do the same by providing us with important feedback to help improve our products and services.

The Mints Legends program is free to join, easy to use and it works by simply rewarding you for shopping with us as you would normally do. You'll always be among the first to know about the latest releases, newest products and most exclusive events.

How can I join?
Email your full name, address, telephone number and preferred email address to hello@ramint.gov.au

As a Legend, how am I rewarded for shopping with the Mint?

Below is a list of exclusive rewards that can be attained by spending above certain milestones between 1 September and 31 August each year.

Spend Over…

Receive a $50 Voucher

Receive a $250 Voucher







As a valued Legends member you will have the opportunity to enter our annual Legends Ballot. 

When can I expect my voucher in the mail?
Vouchers are issued twice a year. While we would like to be able to issue you with a voucher as soon as your spend warrants it, we don't have the capabilities to do this at the moment. This may change as the program develops.

Do I have to spend $1000 or more in one go to earn a voucher?
No. Your spend is cumulative, meaning that every time you purchase a product, that spend is added to your overall balance.

What time frame do I have to accrue my balance?
You have until 31 August to accumulate your spend. Balances for all Legends Members will revert back to zero on 1 September - and the fun starts again!

Does my balance reset once I'm issued with a voucher?
No. For example, if you spend $1200 on one purchase, you will be issued with a $50 voucher. That $1200 then stands as your balance. All other purchases up until midnight on 31 August will be added onto that total.

How is my total spend calculated?
Your total spend calculations are based on purchases that have been made directly from the Royal Australian Mint’s eShop, Contact Centre, Coin Shop or Roadshow Events between 1 September and 31 August each year. Investment coin purchases and postage charges are not eligible for inclusion in your total spend.

Can I transfer my spend to another person?
Legends Loyalty spends are non-transferrable and can only be accrued to the Legends Loyalty account held by the purchaser.

Can I nominate the Legends account to which my spend is added?
Yes, as long as the account is under your name. The Mint may request a valid form of identification to confirm the account.

Can I have more than one Legends account?
No, each person may only have one Legends Loyalty account. Duplicate accounts will be merged into the original account and then deactivated.

Why were my purchases not added to my Legends account?

There may be several reasons including:

  • You were not a member of the Legends Loyalty program at the time of purchase
  • Purchases are in excess of product purchase limits. Any purchases above these limits will not be accrued to a Legends account.   
  • The product purchased was not valid for inclusion in this program e.g. Investment coin purchases.

Please note: Purchases of Investment Coins will not contribute to your Legends Loyalty Program total, as these coins are not deemed eligible for this collectible coin program.

For details or resolve the issue please call 1300 652 020 to speak with one of our customer service team.